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HP Labortechnik GmbH

Your expert for steam sterilisers and autoclaves made in Germany.

VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers have been manufactured by H+P Labortechnik since 1979.
An original device from this time is in the German Museum in Munich as an example of modern biotechnologies.

Autoclaves from HP Labortechnik sterilise liquids, solids and biological hazardous substances:
Whether nutrient media, culture media, glassware, instruments, hazardous waste in destruction bags or liquid waste in bottles – the steam sterilisers are ideally equipped for even the most demanding laboratory applications.

HP Labortecnik specialises in the development and production of innovative solutions for the effective sterilisation of medical products to the highest standards.

HP Technology Group

The companies of the HP TECHNOLOGY GROUP have been developing and producing medical products and laboratory technology for microbiological laboratories, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and educational institutions or military organisations since 1979.

The group of companies combines the experience and competence of more than 40 years and thus offers high-quality complete solutions at the highest level of quality.

Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer, VARIOKLAV autoclaves, for example, are among the best-selling steam sterilisers in Germany and the AEMP systems are unique worldwide.

Hille - Technical Services

Hille – Technical Services specialises in sterilisers and hand washing systems, including for mobile military use and in fixed infrastructure.

The focus is on the areas of:
– Production of sterilisers according to the Medical Devices Act
– Production of mobile hand washing systems
– Customer service for medical devices and hand washing systems
– Repairs and maintenance
– Recurring tests
– Validations
– Electrical safety tests
– Pressure equipment acceptance tests in accordance with the pressure equipment directive
– Spare parts supply
– Documentation



of the reprocessing processes for medical devices in washer-disinfectors RDG / RDG-E and steam autoclaves

of the reprocessing processes for medical devices in small steam sterilisers class B as well as sealing devices

of the reprocessing processes for medical devices in class B small steam sterilisers and sealing devices.

Training/education of trainers, users and medical technicians in the clinical and non-clinical sector


BIOTECHNIK supplies stainless steel equipment, vessels and components for industry, chemistry, pharmacy, food industry, domestic engineering, construction, beverage industry, laboratory and medicine.

After German reunification, S.C. BIOTECHNIK S.R.L. was one of the first new factories in Transylvania to work competently with stainless steel after 1989. The company was founded in 1991 by two German partners. Since 1998, the company has been based in Cisnădie (Heltau) near Sibiu.


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