Mobile field hospitals

Field hospitals in container and tent construction - customised for the demanding needs of military and civilian emergency situations

HP Medizintechnik GmbH

Field hospitals in container and tent construction

Our systems are characterised by their modular design, which allows rapid adaptation and expansion depending on the application requirements and medical needs.

HP Medizintechnik GmbH specializes in providing and equipping field hospitals in both container and tent formats, tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern military and civilian emergency situations.

With extensive experience spanning over 40 years in the development and production of high-quality medical technology, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner of the German Bundeswehr and other international organizations.

40 years of know-how in sterilisation ­technology

A reliable partner of the German armed forces and other international organisations.

Our expertise in medical technology allows us to develop individual solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the deployment site and modern medicine.

Our mobile field hospitals, equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, offer the capacity and functionality of a medium-sized district hospital and are capable of providing a comprehensive range of medical services – from emergency medicine to surgical procedures and intensive care – under all circumstances.

Our systems are characterized by a modular design that allows for quick adjustment and expansion depending on operational requirements and medical necessity. They are designed for extreme operational environments, with each tent and container system being fully equipped to operate almost autonomously.

This includes not only medical devices and instruments but also the necessary infrastructure for water and power supply, as well as disposal.

HP Medizintechnik GmbH stands for quality, reliability and innovation.

HP Medizintechnik GmbH stands for quality, reliability, and innovation. By providing mobile systems that can be quickly deployed and utilized, we significantly contribute to improving medical care in crisis situations worldwide, thereby saving lives.

Hygiene requirements

It complies with the “Hygiene Requirements for the Reprocessing of Medical Devices of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention (KRINKO) at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM)”.


It thus enables reprocessing of “thermostable medical devices” in conformity with laws and standards (Critical A and B according to “DGSV on the classification of medical devices 2013”).


Outstanding product quality is part of our self-image. Therefore, our quality system ensures continuous improvement of our processes in all areas of the company.

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