Large steam steriliser according to DIN EN 285

Designed for stationary and mobile use

For sterilisation of medical devices and their accessories

For large medical practices, specialist centres, outpatient clinics, healthcare facilities and polyclinics.

For mobile and highly mobile military medical facilities such as rescue centres or field hospitals as well as NGO facilities.

For the rapid provision of sterile medical products for medical care. Originally designed for worldwide use in almost all climatic zones, this steriliser also makes a very good impression in the established medical sector.

For all medical devices commonly used in hospitals:

  • for sterilisation of surgical instruments
  • for porous sterilisation materials such as textiles, dressings, hollow bodies
  • for thermolabile materials, e.g. plastics, tubes and other medical articles
  • unpackaged or shrink-wrapped in primary and secondary packaging


For decentralised operating theatre areas for the short-term provision of sterile instruments.

As an outage concept or in interim solutions for central sterilisations.

AEMP Reinigungsprozess
In single-shift operation, depending on the selected programmes, 6 to 8 batches can be carried out per working day.

The device can be set up stationary, but also mobile in hospitals or medical services, e.g. in containers, tents, ships and vehicles, and is designed to realise short batch times.
This steriliser offers a tried and tested quality that has already proven itself in many operations in disaster areas.

  • High mobility due to compact design and low weight
  • Base frame with fold-out shelf and carrying device with removable handles
  • Compact storage of all parts in a transport package
  • No requirements for the supply of resources
  • Easy to set up and fast to put into operation

Large steam steriliser according to DIN EN 285

The HP Labortechnik GmbH and HP Medizintechnik GmbH continue to work together as a strong duo.
HP Medizintechnik GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes the devices for the medical sector.

With more than 40 years of know-how in the manufacture of laboratory equipment and medical devices, it has an optimal development and manufacturing structure for medical products.

Technical Data

External dimensions (H/W/D)



Dimensions of usable space (H/W/D)



Loading height above table



Usable volume



Permitted operating pressure (from vacuum to abs.)



Steam generator (water / total volume)


5,0 / 16,0

Fractionated pre-vacuum


7 / 7 / 7




Material for pressure vessels




DIN EN 285

Permitted operating temperature



Max. Operating overpressure / vacuum


3,0 / -1



DIN EN 285:2016

Approval mark according to MPG / specified

CE / 0036 / 0123

European Pressure Equipment Directive



Loading capacity of the sterilisation chamber







Packaged hollow bodies



Transport packaging

External dimensions of unit incl. base W/D/H



Outer dimensions transport packaging W/D/H



Weight unit incl. base frame



Total weight incl. transport packaging and accessories



Product features

The steriliser requires only a small space. It is equipped with a swing door and can be placed on a stable table to save space.

A super-flat steam generator saves a lot of space and resources.

Intelligent energy management provides steam immediately after switch-on.

Very effective vacuum processes for the treatment of infectious waste and best possible drying results for instruments as well as consumables due to a powerful water ring vacuum pump.

Both sterilisation chamber and steam generator are designed to fall under category I of the European Pressure Equipment Directive, thus taking advantage of the reduced requirements for the operation of the equipment.

An integrated 18-litre storage tank for deionised water ensures continued operation in case of failure of the on-site supply. The transparent lid enables hygiene checks and is used for cleaning, as the tank is easily accessible from the front. The best possible long-term corrosion protection is achieved by the material of the sterilisation chamber 1.4571 with electropolished chamber.

Sterilisation programmes

Comfort functions: Start of a sterilisation programme via a timer function. Switchable acoustic signal at the end of the programme.

The two programme keys P1 and P2 are preset with the following programmes:

  • P1 = Sterilisation programme “Instruments”.
  • P2 = Sterilisation programmes “Textiles 1” and “Textiles 2” for selection. A drying time of 15 minutes is set for the three programmes “Instruments”, “Textiles 1” and “Textiles 2”.
    You can extend this drying time to a maximum of 199 minutes to improve the drying results. It is not possible to shorten the drying time.

Test programmes

The programme key P3 is pre-assigned with various service test and maintenance programmes:

  • “Transport” to lock the door for transport
  • “Empty cycle” for preheating the steriliser
  • “Bowie & Dick” test programme
  • “Vacuum test”
  • “Vacuum & Empty” – combination of vacuum test and empty cycle
  • “Empty” – programme to prepare for transport

Other validatable programmes

Special programmes, e.g. for germ-free food, eye lenses or thermal steam disinfection, can be installed without retrofitting components. If required or if the supply situation is difficult, programmes common in the medical sector can also be set up.

Process relevant product features

The most important functional product features are the compact fitting blocks with special valves developed for this type of unit. HP Medizintechnik GmbH uses only pneumatically actuated valves with compressed air for these armatures.

Even valves with large cross-sections are reliably tight both in deep vacuum and at high pressure. There is no need for piping, fittings and thus many sealing points. These blocks enable, among other things, powerful vacuum and effective drying processes in confined spaces and are designed for operating temperatures of 140 °C in continuous operation.

Dead spaces in which uncontrolled condensate or contaminated waste water accumulate have been constructively eliminated.

Sterile ventilation

The sterilisation chamber is ventilated sterilely at the end of the process.

The steam generator is both a double casing and a steam generator.

Several functions are covered at the same time:

  • the supply of feed water
  • providing steam to preheat the sterilisation chamber from the outside
  • during sterilisation, also to heat the shell during each vacuum and drying phase, and
  • the sterilising steam for the sterilisation process.

The steam ensures precise and uniform surface temperatures – without the risk of local overheating, as is the case with electrically heated surfaces. As a result, thermolabile materials in particular are better protected.

Mobile Kontingente
Convenient swing door with finger-type quick release.

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